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I don't really have an answere as to why I created this webpage, but to those who have read the stories and watched the movie, feel the same as I do. The first time that I had ever witnissed the surreal adventures of Gally, I was blown away by its graphic content and satire made stories. It wasn't long after though, that I bacame addicted towards the way it hinted at societies perverse underbelly. However, it was never just its engrossing dialouge and pictures, but I was mostly drawn towards the evolution of Gally. Her ambitious desire to find new challenges and identity drew me closer in and made the series appear almost at a personal level. Perhaps thats the reason I created this page, just to be a part of the GUNNM universe, to give back what it gave to me. The creation of this page was created mainly as an outlet to everyone to discover how we are all related emotionally, and to expliot how others feel about what Gallys' stories have to offer. Below you will find a help area describing what each branch of this site. In closing, I hope you enjoy what this page has to offer. If you are only searching for images or just stumbled onto this page, please take the time read what is in this site and hopfully you find your secret dream.

Remember that this page is still under construction meaning that some of the branches of this site may seem incompleted. This page was also meant to be viewed in a full window and if not used in Netscape Navigator; the nav bar will not light up and tell you what its linking to. Please just hold your cursor over the image and the Alt Tab will tell you what it is. I apologize for the inconveniance.

As it was said above, this section will tell you what you will find under each page. Also, below this section you will find links to other sites including the GUNNM webring.

Your looking at it. This button will forward you back towards this page. Here you will find this help section and links towards other pages. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas about the site, feel free to click on that little "@" button, it will set ya up to send me an E-mail. Also, Don't feel bad If I don't send you back an E-mail right away, the webpage isn't my entire life so I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Within the Gally page, I will do what I can to describe impact that this character has had to the series. This page will also try to examine how she has grown throughout the series, her encounters (Doc Ido, Yugo, Zapan, and so on) and second chances that made her life so inspiring to watch and be a part of.

As hard as it is to believe, yes that button does say "Dreams" not "Creams". This section of the site will describe the secret dreams of Gally and how they were outnumbered by her devotion to those who were close to her. It will also feature the guestbook of this site where you can view other fans insight on the series along with their own secret dreams.

What was origionally titled, "Silhouette of The Battle Angel" (for obvious reasons, wouldn't fit onto the image) has been renamed to the image gallery. It will include the anime and manga versions of GUNNM along with my favorite ones with a little reason why. If you really feel like helping out and own an image that I don't, feel free to E-mail it to me.

Below is what I deem the best "Battle Angel Alita" sites on the web today. In my opinion, the one at the top of the list is the best. Dont forget to check out the GUNNM webring and that little "@"button just below this text. It will set you up to send an E-mail to me. And seeing as that you managed to come this far on the opening page, I hope that you took the time to view this site in its entirety and hope that you gained a little somthing in return. Thank you.

This is it, the reason if any to be a GUNNM fan. This page will give you anything that you could ever want from the GUNNM series. Images, downloads, the "Cyborg Mermaid" MP3, it has it all. One thing though, if you go to this site, go out of your way and send this guy an E-mail or sighn his guestbook and tell him how great the site is becuase if you ask me, it's the best out there.

Zurgo's Bar and Inn

I love this page. The images that were selected and used in order to create this page gave a mood to the sight that is equal to the poetry. To myself, it's the second poem ("Lurking In The Night") that made me think and loved the most. It exposed the most darkest side of Gally, and if I may, her one boundry from reaching that secret dream. Read the poems at least twice and submit yourself with one of the most detialed depictions of Gally In the Gunnm universe.

New Kansas Chat Room

Get to know your Gunnm fans up close at this chat room. The conversations may start a little bland, but throw a topic at them and they will chew it up like a school of frenzy sharks.

Great pics, great layout, great fanpics, and great webring. What more could you ask for.

I would come to this page just to listen to the background MIDI. The page itself was put together nicly and the images are great also. Spend some time with this page, it will give all you need to quench that anime thirst.

The Ultimate Gunnm Archive

And it is just that. If you take the time to download the shockwave to look at the images (I did it and didn't have any trouble) you will be in store for somthing special. Don't pass this page up just becuase of the download or you will miss the best Gunnm archive on the web to date.


In addition to my own links, this page has some excellent ones and is definitely worth a look at. Also, take the time to check out the rest of the page becuase it is an excellent tribute to the GUNNM webring and deserves great amount of attention. Check it out.

For the moment, this will be my webpage banner. If you do link my page with yours, please send me an E-mail so that when I do finish a more flattering banner, I can send it to you.

This page gives the best anime reviews on the net today. If you were ever in doubts about purchasing some anime, check out this site and take the time to thank the creator of this page becuase man, does he deserve it.

Very professional and well made. It has several of branches, each with a unique and valuable feature. Give it a try.

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