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In the past, I've learned that the company of other people, has certainly influenced most of the decisions in my life. Good or bad, those encounters have made me a better person, and in that process, I've descovered that I have also let down several people as well. And becuase of such revelations, I feel that It's my place to apologize for not updating this site. It's been a while since I've even vistied this site, and if it were not for the gracious guestbook entries that welcomed me back, I would not have felt a need to re-create this site as I had originally intended.

It's also becuase of this, that I ask for everyone that visits this site to forgive me. It will be a while before the new site is finished so I'm going to have to ask you to give me a little more time. Considering how long it took me to just add the above images, I have nothing but confidance in your ability to wait a little longer. With that said, I thank everyone again for what was said in my guestbook. And considering that the bulk of the messages mentioned one thing, I would like to let those people know that your desires were not ignored and I suggest that everyone download the "FLASH PLAYER" before the updated site is up and running.

......This time around, Gally has learned a few new moves.

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